Austin Federation of Musicians

Austin Music Census

  June 4, 2015  

The Austin Music Census is here! Click on the image to read the report! 

We want to send out a big thank you to Titan Music Group, LLC for all of their hard work on this census and survey!

To urge change and have the Austin City Counsel read the report click here and send them an email.

Flying With Your Instrument

  March 27, 2015  

This first edition of the AFM’s Complete Guide to
Flying with Your Musical Instruments contains
useful resources and information that will enable
you to navigate the complex world of government regulations that affect musicians’ travel, both domestically and internationally. It contains applications, web links, new regulations and travel tips designed to make your travel experience incident free. If any difficulties are nevertheless
encountered, documents are included that
should ease your interaction with airline ground and flight crews, customs officials, TSA personnel and others along the way.

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of this guide. Information is the key to making your travel experience safe when flying with your valuable instruments. We wish you safe travels and we will continue to work tirelessly to advance the interests of professional musicians everywhere. 

To read the full guide click The AFMs Complete Guide to Flying with Your Musical

Sincerely and fraternally yours,
Raymond M. Hair, Jr.
AFM International President

AFM Entertainment

  June 10, 2014  

AFM Members check out  AFM Entertainment, the Union’s booking agency.

“At AFM Entertainment we place our talented musicians with potential purchasers. When this happens we all gain… while at the same time helping your local musicians gain exposure and get work.”

-Kevin Penny


For more info visit

Austin Federation of Musicians: The Heart of Texas Music

  November 4, 2013  


AFM member James “Jamie” Desautels and Secretary-Treasurer Nicole Bogatz (Local 433, Austin, TX) came up with an idea: to share with AFM members the adventures of a fellow member currently on the GRAMMY ballot, and a day in the life of a local Secretary-Treasurer. They held an informal Q and A session at the Austin Federation of Musicians’ office. Here are highlights from their conversation: The Austin Federation of Musicians-The Heart of Texas Music

A Nice Note From A Member

  October 22, 2013  
Dear Mr. Hale,
Thank you for your years of service to Local 433 of the American Federation of Musicians. 
Your leadership has kept our brotherhood and sisterhood together in a time of unprecedented attacks on organized labor.
Your absence will be felt.
Yours in Solidarity,
Gene Elders

The Man Behind Carl Thiel Music

  September 24, 2013  

Carl Thiel, member of Local 433 since 2004, is the owner of Carl Thiel Music. After completion of his latest movie score for Machete Kills, Secretary/Treasurer, Nicole Bogatz, decided to sit down with Carl for a little Q & A. To read the full article click The Man Behind Carl Thiel Music.

Music Organizations

  February 23, 2013  

Below is a list of organizations that help Austin musicians as well as preserving the “Live Music Capital of the World”.

    • Texas Music Office

The Texas Music Office serves as the information clearinghouse and promotion office for the Texas music industry. This site contains 19,234 business, band and event listings totaling 3,669 printed pages. In 2012, it attracted 203,334 unique visitors resulting in 417,431 page views.

    • Austin Music Office

Music is more than a hobby for Austinites. It’s our roots. And it’s our passion. This is a city filled with venues and musicians that truly make it The Live Music Capital of the World®. The Austin Music Office is here to make sure all visitors experience our music scene by marketing local music to travelers and working with groups to book local bands for their conventions, keynote luncheons and off-site receptions. After all, it wouldn’t be a trip to Austin without live music.

Austin Music Office

    • City of Austin Music Commission

Advise city council on music development issues. Duties are advisory and include: studying the development of the music industry, assisting in the implementation of programs to meet the needs created by the development of the industry; and review matters that may affect the music industry in Austin.
Austin Music Office

    • Save Austin Music

Save Austin Music is a grassroots trade organization comprised of those working in Austin’s music industry and support industries. As a community, we develop and support best trade practices and act with government to increase the financial and cultural impact of Austin’s music on Austin and abroad.
Save Austin Music

    • Austin Songwriters Group

The Austin Songwriters Group is in its 25th year of serving songwriters. ASG is a non-profit organization created by songwriters for songwriters. In its earliest incarnation, ASG history has it being originally founded by singer-songwriter, Christine Albert, who long ago handed the reins off to others who continued to administer ASG in the many forms it took over the years.
Austin Songwriters Group

    • Austin Latino Music Association

The mission of ALMA (meaning “soul” in English) is to increase knowledge and awareness in the community about local musicians and important historical figures in Austin’s Latino music scene, provide exposure and resources to local musicians, and to foster the development of young musicians who will keep Latino musical styles and traditions alive in the Capitol City.

    • ME Television

ME, “Music and Entertainment” Television, is a 24- hour regional network dedicated to showcasing and providing television exposure for regional artists as well as the hundreds of touring groups that make up the vibrant Texas live music scene. Supporting established artists and promoting and discovering new talent is a priority. ME is the entertainment resource, with venue schedules, artist information, interviews and local live music shows every night at 7pm on ME Live! ME represents different musical genres and areas of the arts community with numerous original programs highlighting everything from filmmakers to art galleries, and musicians to the ballet. In addition, ME ‘s mostly music line-up, spotlights live performance footage, concept music videos as well as biographies, reviews, restaurant tours, and much more.

    • Future of Music Coalition

Future of Music Coalition is a national nonprofit organization that works to ensure a diverse musical culture where artists flourish, are compensated fairly for their work, and where fans can find the music they want.
Future of Music Coalition

    • Austin Music Foundation

Austin Music Foundation (AMF) strengthens and connects the local music community with innovative programs that empower musicians and fuel Austin’s creative economy. AMF provides programs to help local artists navigate opportunities in the music industry and services to unite the local music community through:

– EDUCATION specifically tailored to today’s music business climate including one-on-one music consultations at our Creative Media Center

– OUTREACH efforts to determine artists’ concerns combined with public awareness initiatives to inform the wider audience about music-related issues

– UNIFICATION of local artists and music businesses to foster a sustainable music community
Austin Music Foundation

Affordable Health Insurance

  January 29, 2013  

Affordable Health Insurance for Musicians:

Agent: Mike Collie
Phone: 1-888-733-1665

HAAM is an organization that helps Austin musicians find affordable health services.
Contact: click here

SIMS Foundation
SIMS Foundation is an organization that helps Austin musicians with addiction and mental health services.
Contact: click here